The second regional workshop within the project

On 14th and 15th October 2020, CNVP Foundation together with the partners (fea - BiH and Green Home - MNE) has conducted the second regional workshop in the frame of the project “Regional action for combating forest crime and corruption” funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The regional workshop was held via ZOOM, where more than 80 participants attended in the two days, from the four project countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Institutions from the forestry sector, as well as institutions dealing with crime and corruption, the NGO sector, and other relevant actors, attended the workshop, where project results were discussed.

On the first day, the project team and project consultants presented their work done in the last year and planned activities for the future, on topics related to:

- Survey on corruption and illegal activities in forestry,

- National methodologies on monitoring illegal activities in forestry,

- GIS tools and Maps of forest devastations,

- Capacity building program and

- Action plans for fighting forest crime and corruption.

On the second day, representative of the Forestry Directorate in Serbia presented their activities on combating forest illegal actions and spoke about the beginning of the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation. The presentation from WWF Adria was dedicated to the contribution of civil society organisations in the fight against illegal activities in forestry. The last panel of the second day of the workshop was dedicated to the national presentations of the project countries where needs and vision for future action plans for fight crime and corruption in forestry were presented. Montenegro, as an example of good practice, because it is the only one of the four countries that have so far adopted the Action Plan for the Suppression of Illegal Activities in Forestry for the period 2019-2021, presented the experiences in the implementation of the plan.

A special session was organized at the end of the second day with representatives of forestry institutions from the respective project countries, with aim of establishing the Regional network for cooperation. The initiative was supported by all attendees and a common agreement was made for the creation of the network. Focal points from the project countries were selected, and in the future, they in support of the project team will develop future steps of the network.

CNVP Foundation as lead partner in the project, together with fea and Green Home, will continue its work towards the fulfillment of the final goal of the project, preparation and implementation of action plans for the fight against crime and corruption in forestry, in all four project countries.

Dragana Đukić
9, 2021

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